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Could carpet be the flooring you need?

Beauty, elegance, and luxurious softness can all be yours, simply by choosing carpet flooring for your next floor covering. As the only soft surface material available, it brings with it a wealth of characteristics you’ll soon come to love and will likely remain loyal to.

In addition to complementing nearly every décor option, these floors now have benefits that would have been unheard of some years ago. It could be that they now fit your lifestyle more than ever before, and you owe it to yourself to find out more about it.

Carpet has so much to offer

With stain protection built right into the fibers of some brands of carpet floors, you’ll love the fact that you no longer have to worry about permanent stains. Spills can’t soak into the fibers, so they look better longer and are very easy to clean, whether in your daily routine or professionally, once every twelve months or so.
Carpet gives you an extra layer of insulation and does a great job of retaining heat during colder weather. Your home will be warmer and, as a result, your energy bills will be lower. The same insulation and softness also work towards a quieter home, as noises are soaked up and calm replaces them.

Both the color and patterns you'll have to choose from allowing you great versatility in decorating your home. Solid colors offer an excellent base for both décor and ambiance, while patterns create a “fifth wall” that is simply stunning. Whether you go wall to wall with the same options or choose something different for each space, you'll love the results. Be sure to visit us to find out more about these flooring choices and to experience them for yourself.
Luxury carpet in Cordova, TN from Cordova Carpet

Let us help you choose a perfect carpet

Sifting through the wealth of carpet options available to you is easier when you call on Cordova Carpet for assistance. With a showroom in Cordova, TN, we proudly serve the communities of Cordova, Germantown, Bartlett, Lakeland, and Collierville, TN. We hope to serve your flooring needs as well.

As a family-owned and operated flooring store, we have more than 45 years of experience to put towards your flooring project, no matter the size. We’ll help you browse our extensive flooring selection and answer any questions you have about the products. Be sure to visit at your convenience.